Best Boxing Combinations for your Workouts

boxing combinations

  Boxing Combinations Series Boxing combos from beginner to advanced. I present 20+ practical, and fundamental boxing combos in this tutorial series. Different punch variations, and techniques both for boxing fitness and competition. Click on the blue headers below to view the video. Alternatively, view the playlist on YouTube. If you are a complete beginner, … Read more

Boxing Technique Training Tutorial Series

boxing training tutorial series

Part 1 of 13 Boxing Technique Tutorial Series Introduction In this Boxing Technique Tutorial Series I go into great detail, step by step on all the technique points and mechanics for your boxing stance, movement, punching, combinations, guard, how to use a boxing bag and more. It is a blueprint that i’ve mapped out over several years … Read more

Gymnastic Ring Muscle Ups

gymnastic rings calisthenics

The above video is a quick camera phone demo of two different muscle ups with the gymnastic rings. This video will assist you in understanding the two different variations and their purpose. Scene 1 – Strict Form technique with a L Sit Scene 2 – Kipping technique Muscle Ups – Difference between variations You will … Read more

How to Deadlift Safely and Effectively

deadlift exercise weightlifting

Deadlifts are the single best exercise for improving your posture and injury prevention. It is a fundamental lift for building strength and lean muscle. The deadlift helps lay a strong foundation and is the back bone in any successful gym strength training program. Video Breakdown A) How to Deadlift B) Purpose and importance of the … Read more

How to Lunge and Side Lunge

side lunges exercise technique Learning how to lunge correctly is often overlooked – when performed correctly the lunge strengthens the quadriceps and glutes. Lets review the technique. How to Lunge Correctly – Alternate Lunge • Stance is shoulder width, chest up posture, and shoulders back. • Take a long step forward, lower to 90 degrees, and bring your … Read more

How to Romanian Deadlift

single leg romanian deadlift exercise

Key points for learning the Romanian Deadlift First you want to position yourself at a 45 degree angle to a mirror – this way you can easily assess your technique without having to look directly up and putting your head out of place as you would if you were to face the mirror. * Chest … Read more

How to Squat Correctly and How Deep to go

Front Squat Gym Exercise

Importance of Full Depth Squats for Fitness If you are unable to squat with complete range of motion then you likely have muscle tightness or a lack of strength or both. The full squat is essential for complete muscular development of the lower body. Fortunately it is not difficult at all to achieve and with … Read more

How to Perform Body Weight Dips

dip exercise bodyweight calisthenics training In this short article we will learn how to perform body weight dips which is a common exercise that is often misunderstood and performed incorrectly. Firstly – the video above was extracted from a larger video filmed early in 2014. I was only briefly instructing the dip exercise and now it would be too … Read more

How to Build Pullup Strength

  The Pullup Myth Many believe pullups are an unnecessary extreme but few gym members have actually put the effort in in the attempt of training to achieve pull up strength. Even fewer have actually stuck to a strength training regime consistently for more than 6 months. So it is well beyond me why people would have that belief. Many … Read more

Core Workout; 5 Exercises for Ab Strength

core abdominal training fat loss

For years growing up I thought there was a secret core workout and special to ab exercises, I googled them and got frustrated as I just couldn’t find the silver bullet. The silver bullet is your eating habits first of all but personally I do not follow a strict diet, however, I do eat reasonably … Read more