Barbell Complex Fitness; Clean, Squat, Push Press

This article talks about a barbell complex fitness sequence and how you may use it as a tool to measure your ability and progress. If you have been gyming for a while and built a nice foundation with the fundamental exercises and you reckon you are reasonably fit – introduce a power/hang clean, front squat and push press complex into your training.

You don’t need to be a competitive Olympic Weightlifter to benefit from these movements, nor do you have to be a big weights room meat head. As you can see I’m not – 64 to 65kg in the video, and training each week to compete in Kick Boxing, somewhat of a contrast.

If you are able to achieve it, then, you’re in a sound position in terms of functional ability. Well built & structurally prepared to work with a range of gym exercises – you will go on to see fitness results far faster than the majority.

If you Clean well, you deadlift well and that’s a good thing for many reasons remember. It also means you’re not having any mobility issues with the rack position on the shoulders – important leading into front squats. With the Front Squats – If you have the ability to hit a full range of motion depth w/ a vertical torso, elbows and chest up you’re sorted. With all that in mind, I’d put my money on it that you can jump well too. And.. if your Front Squat rack position is on point then the Push Press will be achievable, once you’ve learnt the technique of course.

Even if you are struggling with a particular phase of this complex, now you know where you are at – it’s just the matter of working on the problem.

For those familiar with my work – you can now see how this is all starting to come together = ]

Cleans are a great lift for taking your strength and power to the next level. It targets the posterior chain muscle groups – targeting the three hip, knee, and ankle joints. This is called triple extension as all 3 joints are extended and therefore the muscles crossing these joints are stimulated. And they are stimulated throughout the full range of motion without deceleration, because when you clean you fully extend these 3 joints into a jump with the bar, as the bar is airborne you drop underneath and then proceed to extend…

There is a heap to add and elaborate on, but I’m going to bite my tongue – visit and start learning my front squat video, shoulder press, and deadlift. When you have mastered these 3 movements then we will talk about graduating to the Hang Clean and Push Press.

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