Best Boxing Combinations for your Workouts

Boxing Combinations Series

Boxing combos from beginner to advanced. I present 20+ practical, and fundamental boxing combos in this tutorial series. Different punch variations, and techniques both for boxing fitness and competition.

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If you are a complete beginner, it would be best to start with my Boxing Technique Training Tutorial Series

These two boxing combinations may only consist of 4 punches each but they are fundamental to any boxing combination and fights are often won on them.

The 1232 combo is the first boxing combo you would learn after the basic 12 punch. It teaches you how to transfer your body weight and flow with your punches, linking them together.

The second combination is the 1233 which doubles up on the hook, here you will polish your left hook technique and learn to bring it back to your guard correctly.

The two combinations are great for both fighting and doing boxing for fitness training.

Lets introduce the double jab to begin a combination. We will learn how to step twice to drive more power into each of our jabs by using our body weight, and also to perform it faster.

Next, we introduce the uppercut, I discuss the technique on how to execute an uppercut correctly. And I demonstrate it in a combination.

In our third boxing combination we use the same hand twice, the back hand. A right uppercut, followed with a right cross.

The 1123632 combination is a big combo but really it only uses 4 different hits. To begin, as I explained in a previous video, you want to take a small step for the first 1 and another step for the second 1 before adding the 23632 to finish.

This is not a beginners combination, please see my channel for my other content where I lay everything out step by step.

The first combo – the 23,23,23 teaches you how to transfer your weight with hooks.

In the second combo – we learn how to use our backhand hook, and this punch certainly does work as i’ve used it before in a fight to knock an opponent down.

The third combination we use the two hooks together, simultaneously, and learn how to transition our stance to a more squared up position which is ideal for throwing non stop hooks.

The first combo 12 back 232: teaches you how to quickly move out of of your opponent, and using the moment of your step back to move back in and drive extra force into your punch – turning it into a combination. This is also a coordination drill as many do struggle with what seems to be such a simple movement. Whether you use this technique in a fight or not the training will benefit you.

The second combo 12 angle 232: This combination teaches you how to pivot off the front foot to change your position and angle of your punch. You may strike your opponent from where their guard may not be protecting or simply moving out of the way of danger. Practicing this combination also makes you more agile and quick on your feet.

Body shots are hits that scoop up from a 45 degree angle, I refer to them as ‘rips’. The jab and right cross set up your combination, to distract your oponent and close the distance – from there you are in range and move in to land the body shots.

The second part of the video, I added the 3 (left hook) and 2 (right cross) to show how you can move from body shots back into a normal combination back to head height.

You can actually perform more body shots if you wish, I just used 2 in this combo to keep it simple.

This boxing combination teaches you how to… swing wildly! Just kidding… I show you how you can still flow and have technique when aggressively throwing big punches.

We start with an overhand punch bringing our weight downward onto our opponents face, and while our bodyweight is low we drive up from the legs into a left uppercut. Because as we are throwing the left uppercut we are shifting our body weight back to the right foot which loads either a right cross or right hook.

Throw the right hook, next the left hook and finally the right cross to put our oponent down for the count.

Advanced Boxing Combo Punch Techniques

This is a very fast punch combination. While it consists of only 4 boxing punches, the individual punches are quite challenging to execute and therefore I class this boxing combination as advanced.

In particular the long left hook – this punch took quite a while for me to condition my arm to use it in that way and practice the skill to the standard which you are seeing. I am also landing my left hook punch on the index fingers knuckle so you need to be quite accurate, and quick to pull this one off.

Because you are extending your left arm you are not using the muscles of the upper body, but instead the weight shift to land that hit. You should be quite good at normal hooks before trying this technique.

Boxing Combo for Slipping Punches

In this tutorial I teach you how to slip punches and punch off of that slip. I give you options as to how you could slip boxing punches and different types of punches to counter your opponent with.

To Conclude

The combos presented in this article are the combos you should be spending most of your time on. There certainly are other combinations using a few other techniques that you could practice, however they are all really just supplemental and not at all necessary. 

I present a few others in my 6 Advanced Punch Combos YouTube video.

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