Boxing Technique Training Tutorial Series

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In this Boxing Technique Tutorial Series I go into great detail, step by step on all the technique points and mechanics for your boxing stance, movement, punching, combinations, guard, how to use a boxing bag and more.

It is a blueprint that i’ve mapped out over several years as a trainer. All for teaching a beginner the correct technique as fast as possible with all the progressional steps introduced in a specific order.

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This video teaches Boxing Stance, how to stand correctly. It is the foundation for all of your combinations and strikes.

This stance gives you more reach, allows you to deliver a foreful punch, and the ability to link punches together quickly to form combinations. The stance achieves this through the ability to use your hips and knees and go onto the ball of your foot from a stable and balanced position.

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We’ve spoken about stance, now to practice moving forward, back and laterally in stance.

There are 3 footwork drills I like to use for beginners in helping them learn how to move in the boxing stance, so that they can move in that stance and punch from that stance regardless of the position that they are in.

The first drill is with a skipping rope stretched out with weight plates on either side to keep it straight.

– In stance we are going to travel up and down the line.
– Lift your front foot & press off your back foot to move forward.
– Pickup your back leg to follow.
– When moving back we are going to reverse – pickup back leg, press off front.
– A big mistake that people will make is they will bring their back leg too close to the front, this ruins the stance. As I said we want to maintain our stance.

Regardless of where I am, regardless of where I stop I can throw a combination and punch ideally from that position because I’ve maintained my stance.

The next drills teaches lateral movement.

The final drill combines forward and back motion with lateral movement.

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I introduce what are the 6 main boxing punches and give an example of a boxing combination from these punches.

Next I introduce the movement and how to link punches together starting with the step 1 (jab) – 2 (back hand) punch combo. Soon we will be able to build bigger combos.

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Have a look at my rear foot when i’m throwing the 2 (back hand, or right cross in my situation) –

– Keep your rear foot grounded, raise heel and drive force into floor with the ball of your foot when throwing the 2. Notice the heel raises up, it is slightly raised already when I am in stance but when I throw a punch it comes up and I press into the floor with my forefoot.

– A big mistake a lot of people will make is they will throw the 2 & slip with it, or they will rotate in a circle when punching. If you want to throw a strong combination you can’t slip the back foot.

– The combination of bringing your hips & knees and going onto the ball of your foot and raising the heel helps you reach your opponent as it adds length.

– Punch from your face, fully extend elbows for max range and a harder punch. Immediately retract hands to guard after impact – palms in on retraction and over on the throw. This is how you keep a tight guard and it is also much faster to punch direct from the face.

Part 6 of 13

We’ve learnt how to move before, we learnt how to punch now lets put the two together with footwork drills for punching and combinations

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Before moving onto learning boxing combinations on the heavy bag I will cover some main points about boxing defense and how to block punches.

Learn how to block punches from various angles including straight shots, hooks and body shots.

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Now for the fun part, lets learn how to use the boxing bag – we gonna apply those techniques and punches and also add some new combinations.

In this tutorial I take you through 9 beginner punch combinations you may practice on the boxing bag.

Combinations –
1) Step 12
2) 1232
3) 11232
4) 23,23,23
5) 1432
6) 1233
7) 123434
8) 1252
9) 12362

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In this tutorial I progress the combinations from the beginners video by making them longer and adding some more technical movements in.

I also introduce a new boxing punch – the rips.

Combinations –
1) 1123632
2) 12 back 232
3) 12 angle 232 phase 12
4) 1 slip 33 & 1 slip 1
5) rips & 12 rips 32

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In this tutorial I really step things up a notch, introducing longer combinations where I mix multiple different movement techniques into a single combination. I also introduce new punches.

Combinations –
1) 12 weaves 32
2) rips weaves 32 and 112 rips weaves 32
3) OH 5432
4) 56 slip weave 32
5) 112 rips weaves 32… again… I must have forgot I already did it…
6) 1 long 632

Part 11 of 13

No you don’t think of the full boxing combination before you punch your opponent, it happen instinctively. Depending on the way your body weight is positioned as to what punch will follow and where your opponent is relative to where you are.

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We covered a lot of content in this boxing technique tutorial series, so lets recap the main points. What are the key, fundamental technique ques to remember, I discuss it all in this video.

Part 13 of 13

Thanks for watching my video tutorial series, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed presenting it. Hopefully you can implement the techniques you have learnt.

Any questions? Feedback? Thoughts? Comment below.

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