How to Build Pullup Strength

The Pullup Myth

Many believe pullups are an unnecessary extreme but few gym members have actually put the effort in in the attempt of training to achieve pull up strength. Even fewer have actually stuck to a strength training regime consistently for more than 6 months. So it is well beyond me why people would have that belief.

Many have goals of being fit and healthy, lean / toned muscled, and have little fat… yet… most are not willing to put in the work required to achieve a pull up.

If you are not prepared to achieve a pull-up then you are not prepared to be fit and healthy.

Pull ups are equally as important as squats in your strength regime.

It is the number one pulling exercise, probably because it targets a lot of muscle… all of the back, forearms, biceps and indirectly the core.

They are extremely functional because climbing and pulling your own body weight up onto things like objects, up ropes, rock climbing etc. etc. are all fundamental tasks every human needs to be capable of.

That’s why pull ups are a staple test in all military recruitment programs.

It will be much easier to attain (and also maintain) a high level of fitness with the ability to do pull ups due to the amount of muscle it activates.

If i’m able to do pushups, single leg squats, pullups, and dips with my boy then I anyone will be able to do it with just their body weight.

I’ve a video on YouTube where I do 6 perfect chin-ups with 40KG chained to me.

Who else does pullups easily?

Pregnant Women

Pregnant 1 (kipping styled pull ups, easier but still tough)

Pregnant 2 (kipping)

Pregnant 3 (kipping)

Old Men

46 Years

53 Years

60 Years

Ways to achieve a pullup

    1. Follow a balanced exercise program.
    2. Spend time hanging on a bar, you build strength simply from hanging. That’s why it is difficult.
    3. If you can only achieve a half pull up, then do a half pull up, then hang or rest and repeat. Be sure to use both hand grip variations – palms facing away from you, and palms facing toward you. Alternating between the two gives certain muscle groups an opportunity to rest.
    4. Use a resistance band on your feet to assist you with bringing you towards the bar.
    5. If all of this fails to help you achieve a pull up then you are doing it all wrong.


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