How to Perform Body Weight Dips

In this short article we will learn how to perform body weight dips which is a common exercise that is often misunderstood and performed incorrectly.

Firstly – the video above was extracted from a larger video filmed early in 2014. I was only briefly instructing the dip exercise and now it would be too time consuming to take my filming equipment back into the gym just to add technique points I excluded. So I shall write it.

To set yourself for a strong dip your thigh bone (femur) ought to be positioned vertically with the hips back into a hinge (you may bend the knees), torso is angled at 30 or 40 degrees, and chin is in a neutral position (so the neck is not hyper extended or tucked right in).

I do not recommend dipping as low as I did in the first few reps of the chest dip – just drop to a little below 90 degrees (I did say this after though).

For Bars designed like this (if you were to look down from the ceiling at it): / \ it means that if you were to come right out to the wide end it would result in a wide grip and therefor more chest and vice versa.


Chest – 45 degree elbow angle / hands wide, lean over
Tricep – Elbows / hands narrow, or may be 45 degree so long as the torso is upright + legs straight down and your body moves vertically.

If you can’t do dips then use an assistance machine, resistance band, partial dips, or have someone hold your ankles/shin.

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