Fitness Plans

Fitness Training Plans

The exercises in my programs are listed much like a normal gym program but with drop down menus to give you more information.

Quickly find easier or more difficult options for every exercise in the program, as well as exercise variations. I provide direct links to video demonstrations and tutorials of each exercise.

  • Build Lean, Fat Free Muscle
  • Burn Fat
  • Increase Core / Abdominal Strength
  • Improve Posture, and Correct Muscle Imbalances
  • Increase Flexibility, and Mobility
  • Increase Cardiovascular Endurance
side lunges exercise technique
Pushup Strength Training
Exercises for Abs
deadlift exercise weightlifting
seated row gym exercise enhaced


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Membership Plans

Free Plan

6 to 8 week beginners fitness training program.

Includes weightlifting, circuit, core/abdominal, and endurance workouts.

Exercises are linked to my online video demonstrations and tutorials for your convenience.


Learn how to schedule a gym exercise program to fit in concurrently with your sport and recreation commitments so you can reach peak performance.

These programs do not expire!

A lifetime worth of exercise and workout variations are presented. You’ll have easy electable exercise choices from drop down menus to create your workout from, the exercise variation is important for preventing staleness and plateau, so you can see continual progression.

For the none athlete, but those who would still like to achieve optimal health and fitness performance.

Why and How to Log your Workouts in a Training Diary

I share a special online record-keeping system I use personally and with clients, you can easily share your training diary with me for feedback!

Long gone are the days of writing in a shitty notebook!

Includes Facebook Group Support!

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