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If you live in Auckland, New Zealand and would prefer if I personally taught you then you are welcome to contact me.

I'll save you a lot of time and implement the content on this website in the best way possible for you.

I am also available for Online Training and guidance through Skype. You would be surprised at what can be achieved with online training, and thanks to advances in technology it is easier than ever to set up a quality Skype call. I will advise you on how to set everything up to get the most out of our meeting.

Personal Training Packages

1 Session


Full Price

Saves $0

10 Concession


$55 per session

Saves $50

30 Concession


$50 per session

Saves $300

Please note

Sessions are 45 minutes in duration, except for the first - 1 hour.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time, and warm up - so we may save time and make the most of every minute together.

Terms and Conditions

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your session with me, warm up thoroughly, and be ready to make the most of it.

The following terms and conditions enables me to help you achieve your desired results.

Intellectual Property
By working with me (Dayne Williams) you are granted non-exclusive use of my material, products, and email resources that come with my services. You must not copy, modify or distribute any of the content in any way without written consent from me. It is intended for personal use only and sharing is illegal and fraudulent. All of the content within this website, including email resources, services and products remain the property of Dayne Williams.

Full charge for cancellations in under 12 hours of session. No charge if I cancel and I will reward a FREE session. There are strictly no exceptions as there is little I can do to fill the session time with less than 12 hours notice and it now becomes my loss.

The pricing table is for 1 on 1 sessions only and may differ for 2 on 1.

By bank deposit prior to commencing the session, alternatively you may pay in cash, before starting the session.

All sessions have an expiration time from date of purchase, please review the pricing table.

Sessions are non refundable nor transferable to another person.

Liability and Risks
You understand that I (Dayne Williams) have no medical qualifications and am therefore not a doctor. My advice (including my online/email content) is not a replacement for that of a doctor or nutritionist. You understand that you should consult a doctor / nutritionist before beginning any exercise or nutrition program.

To the best of your knowledge you are physically healthy and able to participate in an exercise program. You agree to self-determine physical exertion and stop if your personal limitation is being exceeded.

Please ensure you are well hydrated, rested, have had a meal or filling snack within 3 hours of a session, and always bring a drink bottle and towel to every session.

You are expected to inform me at the start of a training session if you are not feeling up to it (able) for an intense session. We have the option of slowing the workout down by practicing either boxing or exercise technique instead, or even terminate the session in which case it is considered a cancellation on your part.

By purchasing training sessions and working with me you consent to taking part in this exercise program and will not hold me, the Personal Trainer (Dayne Williams) liable in any way for any injuries that may occur while you are training. And that you have read, understand and agree to the above conditions which will apply to all personal training sessions.

Thank you.

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"I’ve been training with Dayne for the last 6 months and have no hesitation in recommending him – regardless of your level of fitness or gender.

As an absolute beginner when I started, it was important that I learnt the correct techniques from the outset – to ensure the risk of injury was minimised as my level of weights/fitness began to increase. Dayne’s emphasis on correct technique and attention to detail combined with his expert guidance has ensured that this has occurred – and will continue to occur.

Dayne is also very personable and patient – but also very honest in his feedback which I have particularly appreciated. I am also continuously impressed with the amount of personal time Dayne spends on both developing and improving his personal training content and instructional videos – all for the benefit of both his current and potential future clients.

Unfortunately Dayne is going to have to put up with me for a little longer!"

Dale Kwun
Placement Broker, Marsh & McLennan

Jacob Sheehan, E-Commerce Manager @ Mountain Jade

I like training with Dayne because there’s no bullshit.

Each session he pushes you hard, hard enough to make investing in a personal trainer worth it, and he lets you know when you’re dragging your feet.

He’s been developing his training programme for years now and you can tell. Rather than doing what many trainers do and watch while you do reps on a machine, his workouts (depending on your goals) combine high energy cardio workouts paired with heavy lifting sessions. And when I say high energy cardio workouts, i’m not meaning boring sprints.

They’re interesting and technique focused so you never really know how the session’s going to pan out and that keeps things interesting. He records the details of your session and pushes you to increase your last workouts weight or rep count in your next session. And for the timed cardio challenges he records times and logs them on his leader board so you can see how your progressing vs his other clients. It’s great because you can easliy see how much progress you’re making.

As a person he’s high energy, easy going, but most importantly likeable. That’s good, especially when it’s easy to hate your trainer when he makes you do squats on squats on squats! I’m tall and slim, and in the six months I’ve been training with Dayne I can see a huge difference in my physique. If you’re looking to gain muscle, get fit, and be challenged, then I recommend you get in touch with him.

Highly recommended!

Jeevan Miranda, Accountant

I have been training with Dayne for 6 months. He is great at motivating and is very considerate of his customer’s goals when introducing his workout plans.

He tailored the workout plan to suit my goals, introducing me to high intensity cardio workouts that target different muscle groups and setting out a weekly plan so that I can coordinate which parts of my body I target and allows me to plan my recovery periods.

Prior to training with Dayne I suffered ongoing knee and shoulder joint pain while performing lifting activities. Once I started training with Dayne, these injuries have been greatly reduced.

He puts great focus on proper technique. Dayne is also very patient and provides great feedback.

He is very organised and provides great resources on improving your diet and health and supplementing your fitness regime.

I would recommend Dayne to anyone who is looking to get fit or work towards a particular goal. He is very adaptable and will make a fitness plan to suit your goals, all the while motivating you to achieve them.

Jean-Baptiste Sauquet, Telecommunications Engineer

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I have been training with Dayne for 18 months and highly recommend him.

He is professional, friendly and passionate about his job. When training with Dayne, you get regular newsletter and tons of videos to improve yourself.

He has tailored a training programme that perfectly met my needs. I never got bored as he would regularly change exercises (he even got me to do some boxing) and he always came-up with his famous “challenges” (some of them pushed me beyond what I thought I would be capable of).

During the sessions he is encouraging, motivating and will not hesitate to push you when you get a bit too lazy during your workouts 🙂

And that worked ! I’m now fitter, much happier with my body, stronger and gained confidence and motivation.

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Sarmed Syed, Actuarial Analyst, AMP Financial Services

If motivation and improving your functional fitness and presentation (appearance) is your goal, Dayne is the man to talk to.

I have been working with Dayne for the last 12 weeks.

During this period I saw notable changes to my physique, strength, endurance, and posture to name a few. I have also learnt how to perform an array of barbell and dumbbell exercises as our training focused on mastering the essential free weight compound exercises. As a result I have also gained confidence in my ability in the gym and feel I am able to guide myself without an instructor present.

Dayne also invests a lot of his free time into up skilling both himself and clients outside of the gym through email and a private facebook group – he shares informative articles and videos covering nutrition, exercise technique, and also answers questions.

To conclude – I have enjoyed working through Daynes enjoyable exercise routines and highly endorse him for his personal training services, his health and fitness philosophy, and constant drive toward self-improvement.

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Amber Ruckes, Architect

Dayne has helped me to retrain my attitude so that I can push my body even further. I chose to work with Dayne because his profile showcased a lot of exercises that I purposely avoided. I knew I would be in for a challenge. The passion and knowledge that he has allows me to easily trust his approach and the program he affords me. His consistent feedback, whether it relates to correct technique or pure motivation, during the one-on-one sessions sticks with you.

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