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Hello, my name is Dayne Williams and I am a health and fitness professional in Auckland, New Zealand. 

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa (January, 1989) and moved to New Zealand with my family when I was 8 (1997).

I setup the teaching programs and

Visit the links to view some of my work.

Formal Qualifications
– Diploma in Fitness Training (AUT, 2008)
– Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (AUT, 2011) 
– Graphic Design Certificate (Animation College, 2015)
– Diploma in Web Development (Yoobee, 2016)
– Diploma in Relaxation Massage (NZCM, 2019)

Sport and Exercise Background
– 3x New Zealand Boxing Champion (53 fight experience)
– Kick Boxing (14)
– CrossFit and Weightlifting (non-competitive)
– Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (currently learning)


Personal Training

Visit my Personal Training page to learn more about how I can help you with your training goals.

I have a lot of experience teaching beginners how to use the weights room by assessing their movement and posture and prescribing suitable gym exercises.

Massage Clinic in Auckland New Zealand

Relaxation Massage

I offer relaxation massage services using a soothing Swedish style. I am also trained in myofascial release and deep tissue massage techniques for relieving muscle tension.

Massage can be especially helpful with physical training recovery and muscle soreness following workouts.

Boxing Program

Learn about my ’16 Week Beginners Boxing Fight Training Program’ at

Two teams who have never done boxing before are taught everything they need to know about the sport for their first fight experience in the ring.

Participants are prepared physically and mentally with the skills and conditioning for a fight against an opponent from the opposing team.

Online Training Programs

web design and development in auckland new zealand

Web Design

I can create a fast, user-friendly website for your business and keep it maintained at an affordable price.

I setup all of my own websites and content. Take a look around.


For any questions or bookings please email me at [email protected]