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I’m a personal trainer in Auckland, New Zealand who founded thanks to my web design at

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa (January, 1989) before moving to New Zealand with my family after my 8th birthday (1997).

Welcome to my website where I share my fitness training tutorials and online gym programs.

Sport and Exercise Background
– 3x New Zealand Boxing Champion (53 fight experience, since 2005)
– Kick Boxing (14)
– Weightlifting (non-competitive)

Formal Qualifications
– Diploma in Fitness Training (AUT, 2008)
– Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (AUT, 2011) 
– Graphic Design Certificate (Animation College, 2015)
– Diploma in Web Development (Yoobee School of Design, 2016)

Training Outcomes

As a result of the fitness training taught on this website you can expect the following results…

dumbbell row exercise

If you wish to gain muscle tone without the bulk I can help you achieve this, whereas if mass is important to you we will focus upon this goal instead. In achieving your goals I will create an exercise program for you that includes both resistance and cardiovascular training. I will present to you many options for each training type along the way to suite your training preferences and taste.

athletic kick boxer

Reducing fat exposes the abdominal musculature. This may be influenced through healthy eating, cardiovascular training, and a balanced resistance training program. A balanced program will raise your metabolism eating away at the fat storage areas (utilizes fat for energy) such as the stomach, butt, and thighs. I will also teach you core exercises to improve both the function and strength of the abdominal muscles.

kick boxing fight

Learn the correct Boxing technique to improve the quality of your workouts so you may reap greater fitness results from your efforts. I will teach you the boxing stance, movement, punch technique, combinations, how to use a boxing bag, pad work and more.

Functional Fitness Training , Mobility , Flexibility , Athletic Performance , Posture

Types of Training

The forms of exercise included in my fitness training plans…

dumbbell bench press Circuits develop muscular and cardiovascular endurance for building lean toned muscle which reduces fat.

Workouts consist of 3 to 6 exercises that are performed in succession one after the other with little to no rest between exercises. Light weights (or body-weight movements) are often used with an even balance between push and pull exercises.

The workouts are time efficient requiring no more than 20 minutes in duration. You may bench mark your fitness by recording the time taken to complete a circuit.

clean squat push pressForming the core of your gym program, strength (resistance) training strengthens your bones, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue in addition to building lean muscle.

Improvements in posture is observed as you strengthen and balance weakened muscle groups, as well as mobility / flexibility resulting from taking your muscle groups and joints through their full range of motion in training.

One does not necessarily have to see visible development in your muscle for it to dramatically improve your strength levels and raise metabolism that will eat away at your fat stores.

My programs emphasize the fundamental, compound, free weight exercises (not gym machines) that target multiple muscle groups at once and teaches your body to move in the way it was intended to.

Weightlifting can help build your max strength – allowing you to perform muscular endurance workouts like circuits much more easily.

boxing training and fitnessLearn the correct Boxing technique to improve the quality of your workouts so you may reap greater fitness results from your efforts. I will teach you the correct boxing stance, movement, punch technique, combinations, how to use a boxing bag, pad work and more.

I have a popular Boxing Tutorial Playlist on YouTube which you may freely view by following the link.

The following link shows you my boxing padwork during a PT session.

cardiovascular endurance trainingEndurance can be improved through various forms of exercise such as circuit training, boxing, running, swimming, skipping, and bodyweight exercises (burpees), just to name a few.

When you are ready, we will progress our endurance through use of various forms of High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T). 

High intensity exercise improves both your fitness and aesthetics – burning more fat than slower forms of endurance training such as jogging for lengthy periods of time, and it does not compromise muscular strength and power, it actually promotes it while still improving endurance. 

Abdominal Leg RaisesFor complete development of the core musculature one needs to take note of what actions and roles the core plays. The core flexes laterally, it rotates, extends at the hip, flexes at the hip and contracts to stabilize the body during exercises like squats. Therefore our core workouts will incorporate exercises that target each of these different actions, more so than just sit ups and leg raises for the rectus abomonis (the superficial six pack muscle).

Many gym exercises already indirectly stimulate the core musculature, so covering our bases is a lot easier than it may sound. In addition to circuit training and weightlifting, 1 to 2 core workouts a week will adequately develop these muscle groups.

Fitness Training Plans

The exercises in my programs are listed much like a normal gym program but with drop down menus to give you more information.

Quickly find easier or more difficult options for every exercise in the program, as well as exercise variations. I provide direct links to video demonstrations and tutorials of each exercise.

  • Build Lean, Fat Free Muscle
  • Burn Fat
  • Increase Core / Abdominal Strength
  • Improve Posture, and Correct Muscle Imbalances
  • Increase Flexibility, and Mobility
  • Increase Cardiovascular Endurance


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6 to 8 week beginners fitness training program.

Includes weightlifting, circuit, core/abdominal, and endurance workouts.

Exercises are linked to my video demonstrations and tutorials for your convenience.



for my Sport and Exercise Training content.

I’m always updating – linking new videos to the programs and guides, changing text, images and modifying layouts.

Learn how to schedule a gym exercise program to fit in concurrently with your sport and recreation commitments so you can reach peak performance.

These programs do not expire!

A lifetime worth of exercise and workout variations are presented. You’ll have easy electable exercise choices from drop down menus to create your workout from, the exercise variation is important for preventing staleness and plateau, so you can see continual progression.

For the none athlete, but those who would still like to achieve optimal health and fitness performance.

Why and How to Log your Workouts in a Training Diary

I share a special online record-keeping system I use personally and with clients, you can easily share your training diary with me for feedback!

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