Gymnastic Ring Muscle Ups

gymnastic rings calisthenics

The above video is a quick camera phone demo of two different muscle ups with the gymnastic rings. This video will assist you in understanding the two different variations and their purpose. Scene 1 – Strict Form technique with a L Sit Scene 2 – Kipping technique Muscle Ups – Difference between variations You will … Read more

How to Deadlift Safely and Effectively

deadlift exercise weightlifting are the single best exercise for improving posture, and fundamental for burning fat, building full body lean muscle/strength, and preventing injury. This lift lays the foundation… it really is the back bone in any successful gym strength training program. Video Breakdown A) How to Deadlift B) Purpose and importance of the lift C) Key … Read more

How to Lunge and Side Lunge

side lunges exercise technique

I explain how to lunge in the first 30 seconds… the rest is variations and extra details For Your Information. Video Transcript – How to Lunge Fundamentals – Alternate Lunge • Stance is shoulder width, chest up posture, and shoulders back. • Take a long step forward, lower to 90 degrees, and bring your rear … Read more

How to Romanian Deadlift

single leg romanian deadlift exercise

Romanian Deadlifts Watch the video to learn all about the Romanian Deadlift. Now, for the sake of time I sped through this video quite quickly (you can just press replay) and I should have probably stressed the technique points a little more – You must get every one of those tech points in the first … Read more

How to Build Pullup Strength

  The Pullup Myth Many believe pullups are an unnecessary extreme but few gym members have actually put the effort in in the attempt of training to achieve pull up strength. Even fewer have actually stuck to a strength training regime consistently for more than 6 months. So it is well beyond me why people would have that belief. Many … Read more