Core Workout; 5 Exercises for Ab Strength

For years growing up I thought there was a secret core workout and special to ab exercises, I googled them and got frustrated as I just couldn’t find the silver bullet. The silver bullet is your eating habits first of all but personally I do not follow a strict diet, however, I do eat reasonably well.

The picture above was actually taken on Christmas day, 2014.

As for the exercises – I’ll only perform one core workout a week with the intention of maintaining core strength, function, and a pinch of good looks.

Video Transcript - Core Workout

Starting with sit ups and leg raises for 3 supersets, and 30 to 40 reps each.

Here I am demonstrating the sit-ups on a steep decline first, reducing the angle makes the exercise much easier.

Without rest move directly into the leg raises, no fucking around.

These two movements target the rectus abdomnis, the six pack muscle everyone desires.

This is the hardest leg raise variation, combining the leg raise + core stabilization as you hold the pos. while lowering yourself.

An easier option is simply the leg raise, I use this the most.

For beginners, simply bring your knees in.

Next, for 3 supersets, starting with side bends on a side bench, perform 20 reps per side.

This movement targets your obliques as it laterally flexes the core, be sure to lower yourself as much as possible for a greater range of motion.

You may use a light weight to make it more difficult, or lower your hands to make it easier.

The second movement is the leg raises exercise again, this time on the roman chair structure. (Roman Chair Leg Raises)

Perform 30 to 40 reps.

Ab wheel roll outs for 40 to 80 reps to finish, you may also perform this core stabilization exercise with a barbell.

Overall this workout shouldn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes, if you don’t fuck around. Take into consideration that after filming demos for 3 hours I am struggling to stabilize myself with this standing variation so excuse the technique.

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