Gymnastic Ring Muscle Ups

The above video is a quick camera phone demo of two different muscle ups with the gymnastic rings. This video will assist you in understanding the two different variations and their purpose.

Scene 1 – Strict Form technique with a L Sit
Scene 2 – Kipping technique

Muscle Ups - Difference between variations

You will notice the kipping variation looks much more athletic than the strict form variation, however, the strict form muscle up is far more difficult and requires a lot of strength. This is because the kipping technique is all about using momentum by swinging into position, therefore the strength component is lower.

I may have only been able to squeeze out 1 more maybe another 2 at the max with the strict form muscle up, but with the kipping… many.

I don’t practice this exercise in my training and rarely teach it, but a client wanted to learn it so I put this demo together.

Do I Need to Learn how to do a Muscle Up?

Not really, you don’t need to learn how to muscle up. But if you are able to achieve it then you are doing very well. It will be motivating and encouraging for yourself.

How to Achieve a Muscle Up

Muscle ups use a special grip technique whereby you suspend yourself on the rings on your wrist/palm, so that  your hands are not actually clasping the rings. This grip allows you to transition from a pull to a dip.

Before even thinking about muscle ups I would achieve the strength to do at least 10 pull ups and 15 or more body weight dips.

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