How to Squat Correctly and How Deep to go

Importance of Full Depth Squats for Fitness

squat diagram explaining squat depth

If you are unable to squat with complete range of motion then you likely have muscle tightness or a lack of strength or both. The full squat is essential for complete muscular development of the lower body. Fortunately it is not difficult at all to achieve and with its use you can tap into a gold mine of fitness.

I’ve successfully taught many people how to full squat who could not full squat to begin with, and their squat only got better and better. At least for those that did not give up.

How to Squat with Perfect Technique

Once you have learnt the correct technique it should take anywhere between 30 seconds to 2 weeks to achieve a full squat.

It may be an ugly full squat at first but it will be a full squat! Over the following weeks your full squat should look better and better as your tightened muscles lengthen and you gain strength.

The Full Squat is as Natural as Pooping

squat toilet technique
reason why full squats are natural

You are designed to full squat, read the diagram and listen to what Elliot Hulse has to say:

“Exercises aren’t bad – people are”

“…no… you have destroyed shoulders and knees and that’s why you can’t overhead squat”

“It’s one of those exercises that is corrective and is an assessment..”

Below is a video taken March, 2014 of my son at 1 year and 5 weeks of age

Notice how he hip hinges naturally, the knees don’t travel forward excessively, toe angle is no more than 30 degrees out, back doesn’t bend when picking up object, and all corners of his feet are flat with no knee collapse.

In the first pick up he uses a squat but in the later he attempts to use a dead lift technique.

A baby example is important to note because it demonstrates how we can all squat correctly from Day 1, but throughout life bad lifestyle choices fuck it up.

Babies muscular system isn’t even developed yet and their bones are still soft. Their body is also out of proportion because the head is far larger and therefore the weight puts them off balance – this may be why he uses a squat to pick objects up and not a dead-lift / bend pattern (as it will pull him forward).

Despite the disadvantages they can still full squat – with both the flexibility and the strength.

Fortunately, you do not need any gym experience whatsoever to start squatting correctly from the word go.

It will improve your flexibility, muscle balance, and strength development far faster in comparison to not full squatting.

It is also worth noting performing partial squats is not a bad thing, any movement is a good thing for the beginner. In this article I’m simply suggesting you incorporate a few sets of full squats in your regimen each week to pull the greatest benefits from this excellent movement.

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