Massage Therapy

Mobile Massage Therapy

Book a massage in New Zealand’s one and only massage van – a renovated 2020 Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

Van features
– Insulated top to bottom so you will never get cold. 
– Best recreational vehicle / camper van ventilation system on the market installed.
– Maximum window tints! The only windows are in the front and back which are both tinted. 
– Added window curtain for privacy.
– The van has no signage so nobody will know you are receiving a massage inside.

Why Massage?
Massage significantly speeds up the recovery process from physical training and reduces muscle soreness following workouts.

I use a Swedish massage style. I am trained in myofascial release and deep tissue massage techniques, great for relieving muscle tension.

2020 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Mobile Massage Van
mobile massage therapy van in auckland new zealand

Picture taken in May, 2020 before the interior renovations were completed.

Check back for updates in July!


Pricing includes travel cost up to 6km from central Auckland harbour-bridge. 

For every additional kilometre traveled a $5 fee will be added. 

30 Minutes


I will focus on the major muscle groups or areas of your choice with non-stop hands on massage for 30 minutes.

45 Minutes


Most popular choice. 45 minutes allows for a full body massage.

Perfect for lunch breaks.

60 Minutes


Full body massage that will relieve all tension, muscle soreness and bring you into a complete state of relaxation.


Payment needs to be made before I commute to see you.

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Video Demonstration