Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions

Intellectual Property
By working with me (Dayne Williams) you are granted non-exclusive use of my material, products, and email resources that come with my services and website. You must not copy, modify or distribute any of the content in any way without written consent from me. It is intended for personal use only and sharing is illegal and fraudulent. All of the content within this website, including email resources, services and products remain the property of Dayne Williams.

The website is set up to log the IP address of all computers signed into it, it will disable your membership account if you share your username and password with others. Please sign out of any places where you are logged in before signing in elsewhere to prevent being banned. For example, sign out from your laptop before signing in on your mobile phone for use at the gym.

Your membership details will not be shared with others, nor with a third party.

Please note, I will add your email address to my monthly newsletter.

If you join the FitBastards.net Facebook group your membership will be shown to both public Facebook users as well as members of the group. Posts to the group will not be visible to Public users unless shared or ‘screenshotted’. 

Membership is non refundable nor transferable to another person. You may however cancel your subscription at any time.

Liability and Risks
You understand that I (Dayne Williams) have no medical qualifications and am therefore not a doctor. My advice (including my online/email content) is not a replacement for that of a doctor or nutritionist. You understand that you should consult a doctor / nutritionist before beginning any exercise or nutrition program.

To the best of your knowledge you are physically healthy and able to participate in an exercise program. You agree to self-determine physical exertion and stop if your personal limitation is being exceeded.

Please ensure you are well hydrated, rested, have had a meal or filling snack within 3 hours of a training session, and always bring a drink bottle to every session.

By purchasing a membership you consent to taking part in the exercise programs that follow and will not hold me, the Personal Trainer (Dayne Williams) liable in any way for any injuries that may occur while you are training. And that you have read, understand and agree to the above conditions which will apply at all times.

Thank you, enjoy the content.